Monday, 12 September 2011


Firstly thanks to everyone who has read my last blog post about the quest for a professional identity – it has generated some great responses. It has really proven that this issue is very widespread and opinions are very much split – and this is on an international scale not just isolated to the UK. Defining our identity as occupational therapists is something which I feel incredibly strongly about – it is my belief this will be pivotal in our profession’s long-term survival. We must together have a clear and unified message about who we are as OTs, what we stand for and how we stand out.

Stepping aside from this for a moment, I just want to say sorry for my lack of blogging in the past few weeks – believe me there are good reasons one of which will become apparent in the next post. August has been a bit hectic, but have developed a few ideas about some potential blog posts, which I shall be working on to get them out to you. For now though I will leave you with this video (there are many of these and you may have seen it already, but I first saw on my first placement and loved it – useful promotional tool)....

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